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It’s official: Smartwatches have moved into the realm of designer accessories.Cheap Michael Kors Watches.This has been on the cards for a while now, with conventional watch manufacturers (ie the TAG Heuers, Tissots and the strongly-rumoured Hublot) now getting in on the smartwatch game, that until not too long ago, was mainly the preserve of smartphone makers and fitness brands.And the Fossil Group was one of those who rolled out a series of designer smartwatches this year, across a variety of brands — including Michael Kors, whose Access series of smartwatches comprises the Dylan and Bradshaw variants (based on their analog watch namesakes).Michael Kors Merchandize Fake. It’s the latter that we’ll be looking at here.Available in eight colours including black, silver, gold, navy, sable and that modern day staple of all high-end personal electronics manufacturers that is rose gold, the model we reviewed was the Navy-Tone Stainless Steel variant. One of the first things that strikes you about the Bradshaw is its weight.Michael Kors Watches Replica.The whole thing (including the stainless steel link strap) weighs 145 grams — of which the actual case accounts for only 51 grams. To put it into perspective, the heaviest Apple Watch (plus strap) weighs 125 grams.

After unboxing and upon holding it in the palm of your hand for closer examination, it’s hard not to find yourself using the word ‘chunky’ in the context of the Bradshaw. Michael Kors Watches Cheap.And measuring 46 mm across and around 14 mm in thickness — not to mention the solid links that make up the 22 mm stainless steel strap, ‘chunky’ is definitely the most appropriate word.Upon slipping it onto your wrist, however, it’s a completely different story.Michael Kors Outlet Fake.The Bradshaw is perfectly balanced, sits very well on your wrist and has the feel of a premium timepiece. The generous strap — generous, because it’s likely to be loose on most wrists — is comfortable and suits the aforementioned chunkiness of the actual watch perfectly.The crown is located at the traditional 3 o’clock position and serves little purpose apart from being a power button and a long press gets you to the app menu. And while it looks like it should turn, perhaps allowing you to sort through notifications or apps, it doesn’t.Authentic Michael Kors Watches.What it does do, on the other hand, is look very stylish, featuring the only visible branding on the body of the watch (Note: The words ‘Michael Kors’ embossed on the back are obviously invisible when the Bradshaw is worn).

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